Pravidla v Lauterbrunnenu

When jumping the exits in Stechelberg please observe the following aspects:

The airspace is shared among paragliders, speedflyers and BASE jumpers alike. Low man has the right of way,- therefore:

  • Give way to paragliders in flight. Do not fly close to a paraglider in freefall – They cannot see or hear you!
  • Do not cross the river in freefall!
  • Trackers and wingsuiters are asked to turn left off the exits and fly towards Lauterbrunnen, on the left side of the river.
  • Use the base landing areas marked with the windsock at the left (down valley) of the car park
  • Do not use the main paraglider landing area (next to the telecabin)

November – February 

  • All 4 Exits are open for basejumpers all day
  • Paragliders are aware not to fly close to the wall

March – October 

  • Communicate your intentions to the landing area using the Radios provided at the exits prior to any jump
  • Via Ferrata and Flowerbox are open for basejumpers all day
  • Give way to paragliders who will be flying close to the wall
  • Carefully check airspace before jumping!
  • Only land to short grass!
  • High Ultimate and Low Ultimate, Perkele and Flowerbox are closed from 09.00-14.00 every day. Also no tracking allowed to the right (waterfall) from Via Ferrata.
  • Paragliders are aware not to fly close to the wall before 09.00 and after 14.00



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